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In 2013, the company launched the project Dobro Mail.ru, the first public service to support charitable acts across Russia.

The company is rapidly developing a system of corporate volunteering. Several times a year, employees participate in Donor's Day, in charity events to collect items for adults, children, and elderly people in need, and in Dobro Mail.ru projects. In addition, every month the Mail.ru Group sponsors pay for the purchase of medical equipment to treat children afflicted with various diseases.

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Dobro Mail.ru is a service developed by the Mail.ru Group for smart and honest charity work. The service makes it easy for users to take part in charitable projects across Russia. It is intended to make charity easier and more accessible. A convenient search system lets users quickly find organizations operating in different cities, and select the organizations that need financial support or assistance from volunteers. Over 163 reliable charity foundations from more than 43 Russian regions are partners of the project.

In October 2017, Dobro Mail.ru launched a new service to help users search for charitable funds, MAYAK: on the website, visitors can find charitable funds that provide both financial assistance in the form of fundraising and information. MAYAK provides current numbers of hotlines that can help when, for instance, callers cannot get the painkillers they need, or when people suffering from cancer or sufferers' loved ones require psychological support, or when callers need to learn how to provide proper medical care for a relative following a stroke. Dobro Mail.ru has won the Runet Prize twice, as well as the Golden Site award.


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