Games Group is Eastern Europe’s leading online entertainment company. Its gaming division brings together some of the industry’s best talents and specialists: programmers, designers, scriptwriters, producers, marketing consultants, tech administrators, and others. We develop and publish gaming projects across the globe and on various platforms – from mobile to PC to consoles.

512 million players
have registered in Group’s gaming projects
Our portfolio now has more than 50 projects with players all over the world. Our games include hits we made in our own studios, like HAWK: Freedom Squadron, Hustle Castle, War Robots, as well as Armored Warfare, Skyforge, Legend: Legacy of the Dragons, Allods Online. Our publisher portfolio includes renowned titles like Warface, ArcheAge, Perfect World, Revelation, and others. Our gaming division today includes 5 regional offices in Russia, Europe and the US, more than 1,500 staff and 9 own developer studios. Moreover, we have our own media portals, a PC gaming platform, the MRGV gaming investment fund, gaming and esports services, and much more.

Our projects