Media Group actively develops eight own media projects that meet the information needs of various categories of users.

13.2 million
monthly visitors on News
9 million
monthly visitors on Lady
Millions of people start their day with News to find up-to-date information about the current events in Russia and internationally. Hi-Tech provides the latest news from the world of technology, Auto helps you trace the trends in the automotive market, and Realty allows you to understand what is happening in the real estate market. Lady shares secrets of beauty, fashion trends and recipes, and Kids gives advice on raising children. Health provides users with exhaustive information about healthy lifestyles and the treatment of various diseases. Film fans often visit Kino to watch high-quality licensed movies, TV series and shows online, as well as to read reviews and articles and rate movies. Hi-Tech  is the most popular Russian online resource devoted to technology. The project has monthly audience of 9 million users and 63 million visits (Mediascope, Dec 2018). Hi-Tech is the media, highlighting all IT and gadget announcements, exhibitions (CES, MWC, IFA and standalone events) and has a wide range of daily news, reviews and videos about specific new gadgets or computer/smartphone industry events. The project is TOP quoted IT media in Russia and over the world.

Lady  is the most popular women website on Runet, which guides a woman in a constantly changing world and loves her the way she is. The project is famous for its social actions such as #iamnotashamed or #yesIamdivorced. According to, every month more than 20 million people visit the site and form a huge community. The Lady forum generates hundreds of topics and thousands of comments on a daily basis. In addition, a number of well-known authors and columnists write articles for the project. Editorial team cooperates with a number of well-known bloggers. Moreover, Lady has its own “The Best Blogger” Award, which has been held since 2016. More than 2 million people have visited the Award page since February 2019.

Auto is one of the most popular Runet projects in the field of auto- and other types of transport, modern means of transportation and new technologies in transport. The monthly audience of the project is 4.9 million people (Mediascope, October 2018). The site has articles, news, videos, and reference section for car enthusiasts. It also tells about the latest transport trends and changes in legislation; highlights key industry events, tests cars and other vehicles.

News is one of the largest news resources on Runet. The project aggregates partners’ materials, complementing them with photo galleries, videos, background research and other useful information. It helps reader to form the most complete picture of a specific event and processes going on in the world. In addition, to cooperation with famous Russian and international media, News produces its own entertaining and educational materials. By sorting, ranking and combining partners-produced and own-produced content in 24/7 mode, the editors create a topical agenda, highlighting the most important and interesting events taking place in the country and in the world. This daily selection of news is created not only for Russia, but also for some regions such as Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Health Mail.Ru is the most popular Russian-language website for information on healthy lifestyles and medical recommendations for general audience. The project's monthly audience in Russia is 16,1 million users (Top, November 2018). The website offers news, information on various medical conditions, descriptions of drugs and healthcare products, lists of medical institutions, and an interactive symptom map. Users of Health have access to free medical advice provided by doctors from 30 medical specialties. Furthermore, Russian users can order medical drugs online, and residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg can make appointments at public or commercial clinics online.

Kids Mail.Ru is the most popular website dedicated to childhood and motherhood in the Russian internet segment with 11,3 million monthly users (Top, November 2018). Users can access information on child development and parenting, a detailed pregnancy calendar, a catalogue of featured maternity clinics, and a message board.

Cinema is a popular project for movie and TV shows fans. The project has monthly audience of 5.8 million people (Mediascope, February 2019). Users can watch movies and TV shows online, read news and articles, find movie premieres, movie showtimes, movie tickets prices and TV schedule. The project also has its own personal recommendation system that allows to find interesting movies and TV shows promptly.

Realty is a popular website for finding apartments, houses, and commercial properties for sale or rent. The project's database contains over three million current offers. The resource also offers news and articles on selling, purchasing, renting, repairing, and renovating real estate. Realty has an audience of 2 million monthly users (Mediascope, all residents of Russia 12-64 years old, September 2017).

Pets is a Group project for pet owners, pet enthusiasts, and anyone planning to add a new pet to the family. It is designed to promote pet culture and help simplify the lives of their owners. The resource combines media and services, with the website featuring articles from professionals on pet ownership, current news, and multimedia material. Users can also sign up for free online consultations with qualified specialists, including veterinarians, cynologists, and zoopsychologists.
All Pharmacies is an online service to simplify finding and ordering medications Users can search for medicines, vitamins, dietary supplements, medical products and appliances, hygienic products, cosmetics, products for mothers and toddlers, diet foods, diapers and other products found in pharmacies at the best prices, as well as choose the desired amount and combination to pick up at their nearest pharmacy. The largest pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical distributors, as well as many independent pharmacies in Russian regions, a partners of the service.
Sport is one of the largest sports websites in Russia. The project issues the hottest news and reports, photo galleries and video clips; the main world sport events are regularly broadcasted as well. The project has a wide pool of content sources among the media partners and prepares its own informative and entertaining materials. This allows the editors to provide users with the most complete sports picture of the day. For the largest competitions, Sport creates unique special projects.