Instant messaging Group develops a number of messengers that help users to be always in touch with their loved ones: ICQ, Agent (the Company's first messenger) and TamTam.

Each messenger has mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (Windows and MacOS) versions with personal and group chats, free voice and video calls, subscriber channels, and stickers. ICQ and Agent also support video calls with animated 3D masks.

Instant messaging


registrations of TamTam on all the platforms

TamTam —  is a multi-platform messenger created to make communication comfortable. TamTam offers high-quality group audio and video calls, chats with up to 20,000 participants and channels with moderators, live location sharing and a Bot API.

As of May 2020, there are over 8.4 million accounts registered in TamTam. The monthly active audience is more than 1.4 million people. TamTam is used not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in Iraq, India, Oman, Germany, the USA, Turkey and other countries.

TamTam gives users unlimited cloud storage, file sharing up to 2 GB, short links for profiles, chats and channels, convenient search, offline access, a dark theme and a unique bot constructor tool. All correspondence in TamTam is encrypted using the TLS protocol, as well as its own protection algorithms and is stored on a distributed server network. Read the latest TamTam news on the team’s blog.

ICQ offers a range of services including text, voice and video calls, conference calls, file sharing, SMS and more.

Messenger is available for Windows, macOS and Linux users as well as for owners of iOS и Android devices.

Agent offers a range of services including group voice and video calls, text and voice messages and mail notifications. Messenger is available for Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile devices (iOS, Android).