This business line comprises Pochta Mail.Ru and Cloud Mail.Ru. Pochta Mail.Ru is the largest free email service on the RuNet. Its key advantages include unlimited mailbox size, attachments up to 20 GB, antivirus and antispam protection (including individual protection), interface and message themes, and many more. The project has 32.3 million monthly users (Mediascope, all residents of Russia 12-64 years old, September 2017), which puts the service in the top five mail services worldwide for daytime users. Cloud Mail.Ru is a service allowing users to store files in the cloud synchronized with their devices, view such files and share them on the Internet. Cloud Mail.Ru applications are available for all popular mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) and desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux) platforms. Poisk Mail.Ru is the Runet's third largest search engine (in terms of the number of transitions from the search engines, according to LiveInternet, December 2017). This service provides for searching web pages, images and videos, as well as news, microblogs and communities in real-time. The search engine takes into account social data (users' recommendations) and automatically adjusts search prompts according to the gender and age of the user.


100 million active accounts

Mail.Ru Group offers the largest free email provider in Russia. Among its key features — unlimited mailbox size, delivery of email attachments up to 20 GB, protection from virus and spam (even in personal email), interface themes and messages, and much more. Our monthly audience made of 32.3 million users and is in the top 6 of daily audiences for a global mail service (TNS, all Russia, the population ages 12-64 years, in September 2017).