Mail.Ru Group, international brand (LSE:MAIL, listed since November 5, 2010) is the largest internet business in Russia, based on mobile daily audience (Mediascope, population aged 12-64 in the cities 700 000+, May 2017, Russia).

In line with the communitainment (communication plus entertainment) strategy, the company is developing an integrated communications and entertainment platform. The company owns Russia’s leading email service and one of Russia’s largest internet portals, Mail.Ru. The company operates three of the major Russian language social networks, VKontakte (VK), Odnoklassniki (OK) and Moi Mir (My World), and Russia's largest online games, including such gaming titles as Warface, Armored Warfare, Skyforge and Perfect World. The сompany’s portfolio also includes a leading OpenStreetMap-based offline mobile maps and navigation service MAPS.ME, automotive classifieds website, ridesharing service BeepCarlocation-based marketplace Youla, and three instant messaging services popular in Russia and CIS: Agent Mail.Ru, ICQ and TamTam.

The company owns 100% of mobile games developer Pixonicas well as 100% of Delivery Club and ZakaZakathe number one and number two food delivery companies in Russia. Mail.Ru Group also holds an equity stake in a number of small venture capital investments in various internet companies in Russia, Ukraine and Israel.

Mail.Ru Group is committed to facilitating the development of IT education in Russia. The company holds annual international contest for programmers Russian Code Cup, VK Cup, Technology Forums, and partners with university faculties. Mail.Ru Group has controlling interest in GeekBrains, the online learning platform for developers. 

In November 2013, the company launched in the US and later worldwide to provide communication and entertainment products and services for the global audience.

Mail.Ru Group Limited is a holding company for a number of subsidiaries, including Russian operating subsidiaries. Under the term Mail.Ru Group on this release we understand as the context requires Mail.Ru Group Limited, Mail.Ru Group Limited together with its subsidiaries or Mail.Ru Group Limited's respective subsidiary.


Search Mail.Ru - the third largest search engine of Russian speaking internet users. Search Mail.Ru provides a modern search engine for web pages, images and videos, search in real-time news, microblogging and communities. Search Mail.Ru incorporates the social data (recommendations from other users) and automatically adjusts the search suggestions for gender and age of the user. Our monthly audience is 13,9 million people (TNS, all Russia, the population ages 12-64 years, in February 2017).

13,9 mlnusers of Search Mail.Ru


Money Mail.Ru — a payment service offered by Mail.Ru Group. Money Mail.Ru lets you pay for goods and services at any time using mobile applications or Web portal. Money Mail.Ru conveniently represents various money types without commission: bank cards through online banking, cash payment terminals and wire transfer.

1,3 mlnusers of Torg Mail.Ru