Boris Dobrodeev

Chief Executive Officer (Russia)

Who we are

The team is composed of a group of experts in different areas who share the same goal: building and improving today’s environment through technological leadership. Over the course of its history, Group has constantly evolved, identifying and adapting to new trends. The only thing that remains unchanged is that we are a team united by the same idea.

Our mission

We believe that technologies are created and developed for the good of society. Our mission is to improve people’s lives by making technologies simple and accessible to as many users as possible.

Our strategy

People and their needs are at the heart of our ecosystem. We are constantly analyzing the needs of society in order to address them as quickly as we can. We provide services, platforms and technologies, bringing together people and businesses and helping them to cooperate as effectively.

We are experimenting with our ecosystems to tailor it to the challenges of today’s world. We are open-minded and forward-thinking. We aim for partnerships in which projects remain independent and their developers work in a friendly environment. This is pivotal to our corporate culture.

Supporting education and research is one of our strategic areas of focus, and for this reason we are cooperating with leading schools and universities and developing our own education projects. We invest in scientific research and support innovators.

What we do

We create services

We are focused on creating services that make our users' lives easier and better. We are not afraid of large and complex products: we develop these based on the interests of their users, bringing together all our projects into one ecosystem.

We invest in technologies

We are able to invest, manage and develop businesses promoting entrepreneurial spirit in our partners’ teams. We select promising projects which we use and believe in. We are seeking teams with a positive outlook and who are willing to grow with us - and do this ahead of others. Group is a platform for project development.

We promote entreprenuership

We offer technologies which can speed up business grow and enhance their reach. We are promoting solutions that make business operations simple and ensure effective cooperation with users.

We provide space for talent development

People are in the core of our business and ethos. We focus not only on highly qualified IT specialists but also on entrepreneurs, creating all the internet. We create all about necessary conditions for the development and realization of their talent. Group is about constant development, progress and entrepreneurial spirit. The group comprises over 100 projects and 6000 employees, who create services used by 91% of Russian internet users.

We develop education and research

We invest in technologies, support scientific and research projects, also offering grants. Group actively cooperates with leading educational institutions: our employees give lectures at schools and universities, contributing to secondary and higher education.