Boris Dobrodeev

Director, Chief Executive Officer (Russia)

Our long-term strategy is to make sure every user’s need in the digital world is satisfied. We are witnessing the dawn of skyrocketing consumer services and technology. Group is, by its DNA, an investment fund. We believe in entrepreneurial freedom and the reign of human capital.

Vedomosti, 12.09.2018

Strategy Group Limited is a publicly owned company. Its Global Depository Receipts (GDRs), representing the company's common stock, are traded on the London Stock Exchange. Group aims to create both relevant and customer-oriented products. Company supports talented teams and uncover new opportunities both in Russia and worldwide. Group is the leader in communications and entertainment and is intensely developing e-commerce services.

In the beginning, the company was the largest e-mail service and the main web portal in Russia. Then was added the gaming industry, which made the company first the largest MMO games developer across Russian-speaking markets, and then a global multi-platform gaming company. After that, Group acquired a number of social network platforms, namely VKontakte and Odnoklassniki (OK), leaders in Russia and CIS. Today the company owns a number of dynamically developing e-commerce services.

We are not afraid of competition, which means competition between our own teams as well. We are trying not to hinder intense development of projects, which enables our teams to think and make decisions independently. We love experiments and we are always eager to help develop new, potentially promising markets.