Dmitry Grishin

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

When we launch a new product or invest in a project, we are always looking for synergy effects with our existing products. For example, Delivery Club and Youla benefit from our social networks.

Born on October 15, 1978. Graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Worked for the U.S. software company from 1998 till 2001. In 2000 Dmitry Grishin joined netBridge Services (later Mail.Ru) as Head of the Project Development Department for, stepping up as General Director for the company in April 2003.


worked for the U.S. software company


General Director of the netBridge Services


he became co-founder Mail.Ru Group

(originally Digital Sky Technologies, DST)

Mail.Ru Group today includes:

  • Mail.Ru portal
  • largest Russian social networks VK and OK,
  • food delivery service Delivery Club,
  • location based marketplace Youla,
  • maps and navigation service MAPS.ME,
  • instant messaging services TamTam and ICQ
Dmitry is the Head of the Department of Information Technologies and Programming of Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. He is the founder of Russian Code Cup, the largest contest for programmers in Eastern Europe.
Dmitry Grishin is listed by Forbes among the frontmen of the Russian internet. A member of the Board of Trustees of Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Was nominated as the person of the year by GQ in 2017. Grishin is married, he lives and works in Moscow, studies Chinese, plays preferans and tennis.