Head of Business Development at


In 2016, Anna joined Group team as Head of Business Development to focus on developing product portfolios within Email services and Portal, Media, Cloud and B2B, Instant messaging, and Search, voice assistant, smart devices and recommendation systems.

She started her career as an Account Manager at One Agile digital agency, where she was responsible for digital marketing for Tchibo, Davidoff, Хрусteam, CHEETOS, Lay’s and other brands. In 2010, Anna moved to A1 Systems to head the Non-operators B2B Department and to take the role of Managing Director of A1 SMS Market, a leader in the SMS communications market. In 2006, she was appointed as Business Development Director at A1 Systems where she worked to ensure strategic growth and business expansion in Russian, Middle Eastern and African markets.
Anna graduated with honours from the RUDN University with two degrees – in Advertising and Public Relations and Translation Support (English).