Design Director of Mail.ru Group


Born on January 9, 1981.

Graduated from Belarus State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics, specializing in Artificial Intelligence.

He started his career at iGorod, a small design studio. He later worked as a business analyst at Red Graphic Systems, then created user interface designs at EPAM Systems and ran projects for Artics Internet Solutions. In 2006, he became the head of UI Modeling Company.

He joined Mail.ru Group in 2011, as a portal design team leader, and was promoted to Design Director in 2018.

Yuri is responsible for designing productivity and portal services and media projects. He also works with the Mail.ru, Mail.ru Group and My.com brands.

Yuri is a guest speaker at the British Higher School of Art and Design and a course curator at London’s Future London Academy. He has participated in organizing the Russian Dribbble Meetup and the Mail Design Cup. His articles have been published in Smashing Magazine, UXmatters and UX Collective.