VP of ecommerce growth


Irina Iozefson-Schneider joined the Group in August 2017 as Vice President E-Commerce Growth. Irina coordinates the e-commerce business units Delivery Club, Citymobil, Pandao, Youla.

Previously she worked in publishing and telecommunications, developed and implemented integrated promotional campaigns for FMCG companies. In 2008, Irina joined MegaFon as a segment manager and later was promoted to Head of the Marketing Department. In 2011, she started working for Yandex, where she built and developed the mobile marketing team; defined the strategy and tactics for promoting mobile and other services including the launch and promotion of Yandex.Browser. In 2014 Irina was put in charge of marketing and analytical expertise for the brand and the company’s business units. An executive with practical experience, combining the traditional (telecommunications and FMCG) and digital industries.