Group to promote business digital transformation, train top managers Group is creating a business unit for the promotion of digital transformation services for enterprises. The unit will offer companies of all size Group’s wide range of services including digital promotion and advertising, marketing solutions and predictive analytical tools, cloud services, corporate communications and enterprise automation solutions. Group will also train 50 top managers for free as part of its Executive Digital MBA digitization program for business.

Large enterprises and SMEs alike will receive access to Group’s technologies which benefit from the company’s cross-product synergy. Along with online advertising and digital marketing, companies can digitize their logistics, production, HR and financial units. Clients wishing to bring their infrastructure up-to-date will find Group to be a reliable partner for all-round digitization.

The new business unit will be headed by Group’s Vice President, Elina Isagulova. Earlier, she was in charge of the Group’s digital advertising sales, and will continue to oversee the holding’s domestic and international advertising revenues, as well as strategy in commerce.

 “In the business products that we offer, our primary advantage is being able to employ the best solutions and technologies from our services that we provide to millions of users. For instance, when we create corporate social networks, we use the best mechanics and insights from OK and VK,” said Boris Dobrodeev, Group CEO. “Digitizing traditional business is a complex task: it is not limited to cloud solutions and working with big data. Developing online sales channels, employing technologies for logistics optimization or efficient hiring – all of these are opportunities for business to reach a whole new level, and it applies to large companies and small family businesses alike. With the help of our ecosystem of services and solutions, we can become a technological partner for companies in digitizing all of their business processes.”

The solutions will combine digital technologies used by Group and its partners in: cloud tech ( Cloud Solutions), machine learning, computer vision and audition (Vision, Sounds), data processing (Predict, Tarantool), finance ( Digital Technologies), logistics (Delivery Club, Citymobil, Samokat), sales channels and social commerce (AliExpress Russia, Youla, VK, OK), marketing and advertising (myTarget, VK Business, O2O tools, DMP), staff hiring and development (Worki, GeekBrains, Skillbox, Group educational projects, Digital MBA), corporate communications (Myteam messenger and business platform). 

Most of these solutions are already available to Group’s partners, having proven effective in various industries. Burger King, for example, managed to double the speed of order processing through apps with the help of Cloud Solutions, while the business platform increased the effectiveness of communications between Tele2 and its 4,000 partners.

Digitization is not only about automating processes, but also changing people’s mindset. Our new business unit will focus on developing our partners’ staff by guiding them though the digital industry and teaching them to work with technological solutions. To help our partners develop digital competencies faster, Group will train 50 top managers for free under the Executive Digital MBA digital transformation program. Companies that are systemically important, or that have been hit worst by the pandemic, will be given priority.

According to a KMPG survey, most Russian companies still do not have a complex digitization program, while more than half of them are already taking the first steps in this regard. In some industries, digitizing business processes has helped boost effectiveness by 30% and cut costs by 25%.