Internship at Mail.Ru Group

Mail.Ru Group internship is a full time and full paid job with flexible schedule and participation in actual projects!

The internship duration varies from 6 to 12 months. During that time, working side by side with experienced developer experts, you will be able to study specifics of working with projects influencing the company’s business, and to master many professional details looking at experts at work.

  • About career at Mail.Ru Group
    • We are aimed at the result. Everything we do has practical value to us
    • We use teamwork; this allows us to share experiences
    • We regard ability to work with foreign codes natural for any programmer
    • Our employees’ favorite qualities are: initiative, responsibility, good communication skills and sense of humor!
  • For app developers
    • Work on unique projects with leading branch experts;
    • Interesting tasks and responsibilities from day one;
    • Unique professional training programs enabling expertise and personal growth;
    • Work schedule from 20 hours a week; flexibility to combine internship and university education program;
    • Adequate pay during the whole internship;
    • Ability to receive a permanent job proposal and join Mail.Ru Group team of professionals, after successful completion of internship!
  • How to become an intern
    • Willingness to work with one of the following programming languages: C/C++, Perl, Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript
    • Willingness to do web design including network and system programming, complex algorithm tasks
    • Willingness to work with Unix
    • Being able to spend not less than 20 hours a week in office

Internship at Mail.Ru Group


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