17 years ago, several talented programmers launched a free email service Mail.Ru in St. Petersburg. 

Today Mail.Ru Group operates two of the three largest Russian language online social networking sites (Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir (or "My World")). The Company also operates two largest Instant Messaging networks in Russia (Mail.Ru Agent and ICQ), Russia's leading email service and Russia's largest Internet portal as well as Russia's largest online games platform.

Over 3 500 people work in our offices worldwide. In November 2010, Mail.Ru Group became the first Russian Internet company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

We are willing to invest in startups. We are primarily interested in online projects at the scaling stage, targeted at the global market.

To submit your project for an initial review, please, send your business plan to You can see estimated structure of the business plan here.

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For Game Developers

Game Projects Financing

Mail.Ru Games Ventures is the new games investment division, launched by the Mail.Ru Group. This global initiative is aimed at supporting and developing the brightest companies and projects worldwide. We consider applications from either early-stage game developers or accomplished and experienced game studios that need funding for scaling. MRGV’s partners will be able to take advantage of global publishing opportunities offered by Mail.Ru Group, and leverage the company’s resources in all the key regions, including the properties of

Talented Developers Support

We use individual approach to each team we work with. Our partners will get our experts’ support (including the marketing one), an access to Mail.Ru Group’s internal analytical tools and services, and help with complete localization of a game for foreign markets. Our goal is to find developers that will shape the future of the industry. Combining our experience with your passion to develop outstanding projects, we can drive the development of the game market.

OpenSource Mail.Ru

In 2015, the OpenSource Mail.Ru information project was launched. This website contains information on Mail.Ru Group's open source software, i.e. projects where the source code can be viewed, studied and changed by anyone. Mail.Ru Group has released source code of both small and large projects, including ICQ (a messenger offering chats, voice and video calls, group chats, file sharing, free text messages, online games, notifications of new messages and many more), MAPS.ME (a multi-platform app for quick offline maps based on the OpenStreetMap data) and Tarantool (a unique solution that combines a non-blocking Lua application server with a NoSQL database).

The new website also features open source projects developed by the company’s team members, such as Centrifugo (a real time messaging server), 3proxy (a multi-platform multi-protocol proxy server), Jam (a package manager for JavaScript), Fest (a template engine that compiles XML templates into self-contained JavaScript functions), and more.

OpenSource Mail.Ru