Press contacts

Press office of Mail.Ru Group is always ready to provide comments on current market events and analytics of the Internet market, answer any questions about Mail.Ru Group as well as arrange interviews with company representatives.

Leningradskiy prospect, 39, bld 79
Moscow, 125167, Russia

+7 (495) 725-63-57

Olga Zyryaeva
Dmitry Lushnikov
Sergey Tomilov
Georgy Korsakov
Director of Corporate Communications, Mail.Ru Group
PR director, VKontakte
Head of Press Service, Odnoklassniki
Head of Corporate Communications, Gaming Division
Mail.Ru Group corporate brand
Cybersports and games
Anna Shpyntova
Oksana Klichnikova
Dinara Talypova
Timofey Sobolevsky
Communications Manager for cybersports and games, Mail.Ru Group
Press Secretary, Mail.Ru Group
Press Secretary, Delivery Club
Press Secretary, Youla
Cybersports and games
Corporate communications
Delivery Club
Dmitry Oleynichenko
Maria Akimtseva
Valeriia Petrushina
Kira Grichanina
Communications Manager, Press Secretary, MAPS.ME
Communications Manager
Communications Manager
Communications Manager
MRG commercial block, Pandao, MAPS.ME, Tarantool, Hi-Tech Mail.Ru
GeekBrains, Mail.Ru Group Investments and Startups
Lady Mail.Ru, Auto Mail.Ru, Deti Mail.Ru, Real Estate Mail.Ru
CSR, Education, Design
Marina Baryshnikova
Press Service
Leading Manager
TamTam Group brand, special projects, partnerships and speakers
Channel cooperation, project-related issues
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