Press releases

Games and eSports partnership based around ESforce
Notification of Q2 2019 results and Conference Call
Alibaba Group and Group announce nominations for co-CEO roles for AliExpress Russia JV Group to Launch a New Predictive Analysis Tool on myTracker Platform
Games teach-in and MY.GAMES launch recap & FAQ
Alibaba Group, MegaFon, Group and RDIF Announce Signing of Definitive Documents for Joint Venture in Russia and the CIS
Mail.Ru Group Limited Notice of Results of 2019 AGM Group reveals new global gaming brand MY.GAMES
The navigation in MAPS.ME will take the type of road into account
Evolution 2 Brings Epic Sci-fi Adventure to iOS and Android
Invitation for Games teach-in and strategy presentation
Annual report video & additional data Group Limited Notice of 2019 AGM Group Limited Annual Report for FY 2018 and unaudited IFRS results for Q1 2019 Group annual report: 2018 in facts, projects and figures
Notification of Q1 2019 results and Conference Call
Bombastic Brothers explodes on to iOS!
Mail.Ru Group survey: 77% of video advertising expenses are attributed to out-stream videos
Russian segment of the Internet turned 25
IR blog: Gaming in focus
Mail.Ru Group Launches Recommendations on Dynamic Remarketing Based on Machine Learning Technologies
Appointment of new director of Investor Relations