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MAPS.ME to Launch World’s Easiest to Use Local Advertising System

MAPS.ME has introduced a local advertising platform for small and medium-sized business owners. This will allow attracting clients through advertising on maps.

A MAPS.ME advertising campaign can be set up with a few clicks. An advertiser does not need to confirm its business owner rights, create slogans and make banners or explore the marketing terminology. All that is necessary is to select the plan and pay a fee for one, three, six, or twelve months. The payment for the advertisement provides sufficient confirmation of the fact that the advertiser owns or manages the business.

The MAPS.ME platform generates an ad automatically based on the business listing available in the map. The promoted facility is visually marked: it is highlighted in the list of search results and labelled with a big star on the map. Even in the regular mode the facility stands out among others on the map thanks to an unusual icon. When a map user taps the icon, the app displays details: address, telephone number, working hours, etc. Besides, the user can get directions to the place or request a taxi. All information about the business is available in the user’s interface language (the MAPS.ME interface has been translated into 30 languages).

The advertisement will be displayed even if there is no Internet connection: just as the maps, advertising in MAPS.ME works in the offline mode. This special feature of the platform allows reaching the tourists who turn off mobile data in roaming (which is especially important considering that the tourists are much more willing to splurge than locals).

“Hyperlocal advertising is trending: in 2016 about 35 % of all mobile advertising around the world had a geolocation attribute. Advertising in MAPS.ME gives access to an enormous audience (the application has been installed more than 75 million times) and allows reaching those who are nearby and are looking for a place in the same category as your business. The research showed that around 80 % of users who were looking for a place within 7 km from their location ended up visiting that place. Besides, we have developed the simplest campaign launch system: you do not need to submit a request, wait for it to be approved, talk to a manager, compose and translate advertisement texts on your own. Instead, all you have to do is to find your business, pay the fee (it takes about a minute) and immediately see the first clients attracted by the campaign. For now, we are offering the basic and cheapest rate option. Over the time, we will be expanding the feature list”, Eugene Lisovskiy, CEO of MAPS.ME.