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myTracker, The Free Mobile Analytics Platform from Mail.Ru Group, Now Available for Third-Party Companies

The free analytics platform for mobile apps is now available for testing to third-party companies. Anyone can access the product by signing up at the main website. In addition to the product itself, the testers will gain a number of benefits, including early access to the platform's predictive analytics tools as well as access to Russian mobile market data.

To celebrate the public test launch, myTracker and the Mail.Ru Group research and analytics team have made available the first study, the Profile of a Russian Paying Mobile Game Player. The research shows that users in the age range of 25–35 are most likely to make in-app purchases. However, contrary to conventional wisdom, young gamers (12–24) make almost 30% of payments. The most frequent payers among the young gamers are those aged 18–24: they account for about 20% of transactions, which is comparable to the amount of payments by adult players (35–45). 

Additionally, young players, more than other gamers, like to progress in their games quickly; and if they do pay, then they pay almost immediately. Players aged 12–18 and 18–24 make their first payment on the first or second day significantly more often than adult players. Notably, teenagers, on average, make the second payment within a day after the first one. 

Paying mobile game players mostly use expensive devices whose price exceeds 20 thousand rubles. The share of cheap devices (under 10 thousand rubles) among paying players is only 15%. The most expensive models mostly belong to users aged 18–24.

While mobile activity in general reaches its peak by the evening (9–10 p.m.), mobile gamers are more active around noon, most activity being generated by the teenagers. 

"Currently, myTracker makes use of a wide range of mobile products that are part of what Mail.Ru Group has to offer. Thanks to this wide selection, the platform's third-party users will be able to analyze consumer behavior in their respective apps, making use of the widest and most accurate socio-demographic data. At the moment, the system receives and processes actions from more than 400 million mobile devices and this number is growing ", says Yaroslav Astakhov, Mail.Ru Group’s Head of Marketing.

The myTracker platform is based on Mail.Ru Group's own analytical tools which the company has been developing for the past 11 years for analysis of its own projects. The interface of myTracker allows users to conveniently manage several projects at once, compare metrics and statistics in a "one screen" mode, and generate analytical reports for several apps simultaneously.

In early 2018, the platform will introduce predictive analytics to allow predictsinguser behavior and quickly identifying inefficient aspects of the advertising campaign and the product itself. The developers who join the testing of myTracker now will be the first to access those predictive capabilities since they will have accumulated enough data for analysis.