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myWidget Content Recommendation Service Launches WordPress Plugin

Owners of sites powered by WordPress can set up a myWidget recommendation plugin for free and offer a personalized selection of their content to each visitor.

The widget allows increasing session duration and page depth. It can also be used to promote certain posts, to exchange traffic with other websites, or as an element of navigation.

"There are many users of the WordPress platform among our partners, and we are aiming to make their life easier by offering myWidget plugin designed for Wordpress. It will allow them to add personal recommendations even faster and more effectively for more successful interaction with readers," said the Head of the myWidget project, Evgeny Godov.

When installing the website owner can choose the placement of the recommendation module, configure RSS sources, add or remove content, and manage the number of articles. myWidget also offers statistics on impressions, clicks, and CTR for each module, as well as for every article. What is more, a website owner can choose to set up the widget to display native advertising, and monetize website’s traffic by being paid when someone clicks on the ad.

In addition, all users of myWidget can use the chatbot feature, which enables them to deliver content from their site to the readers via messengers.

New myWidget plugin already available for WordPress users. To launch recommendations it is necessary to authorize in myWidget system.