Mail.Ru Group to Accept Cryptocurrency for Ads

Effective today, myTarget, the advertising platform by Mail.Ru Group, is accepting Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as payment for advertising on Mail.Ru Group’s properties and on its ad network. Cryptocurrency to be added soon also for publishers in myTarget's ad network - website owners and app developers who signed up with the myTarget ad network will be able to choose to get paid by the network in cryptocurrency.

Mail.Ru Group expands the usage of the two popular cryptocurrencies: BTC and BCH. The company announced today that it is offering a new convenient payment method for those businesses that already use cryptocurrency. They now can choose to pay in cryptocurrency for advertising on Mail.Ru Group's properties, including VK, OK and Mail.Ru.

"We want to provide best service for our business partners. myTarget will be a first step in creating a new ecosystem that will further develop and embrace other Mail.Ru Group's products, including games," commented Dmitry Sergeev, First Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mail.Ru Group (Russia).

For cryptocurrency payments processing via its international brand, Mail.Ru Group is partnering with BitPay, the world’s leading bitcoin payment processor. BitPay now works with more than 50,000 businesses worldwide, including Microsoft, Virgin Galactic, PayPal, and Zynga. BitPay will convert cryptocurrencies into cash and will take the exposure.