13,000 schoolchildren took part in «IT Knowledge Day»

A career guidance campaign organized by Mail.Ru Group, «IT Knowledge Day» was held in 208 schools across Russia and an additional nine countries. On October 19, 2018, experts from Mail.Ru Group, MegaFon, Skyeng, Group-IB and other technology companies, as well as Mail.Ru Group ambassadors at Russian universities, held open classes at schools. During these sessions, they presented the teenagers with the future vision of the IT industry, trends and professions of the future, and spoke to them about online safety and digital hygiene.

The «IT Knowledge Day» campaign brought together 13,000 schoolchildren from 10 countries and more than 1 mln online viewers. Live broadcasts can be viewed on the social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

On October 19, 2018, employees of Russian IT companies held open classes in 215 schools. Experts told schoolchildren which universities to enroll in, how to get high-quality online education, and what skills to develop in order to be in demand on the labour market in 5–10 years, get a job at an IT company, or even launch their own startup. Experts also talked with the teens about internet data security: how to verify and analyze information, store data in cloud services, and secure their passwords.

“The best career guidance is a lively conversation between a child and a specialist. The teenager can ask all his/her questions, find out the pros, cons, and nuances of his/her field of interest and profession, and get individual advice. The experts from Mail.Ru Group and other IT companies visited schools in more than 100 cities and towns, speaking to over 13,000 schoolchildren. We are convinced that this campaign has already aroused interest in IT among many teenagers, and has given them the motivation to pass the EGE unified state exam on computer science and start learning programming on their own, comments Sergey Mardanov, Director for relations with universities at Mail.Ru Group.

For the second year in a row, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (previously the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation) has supported the «IT Knowledge Day» campaign. "We live in a world of technology and an abundance of information. The new generation of children will need to constantly move forward to find their place in the profession and hold a competitive advantage. Today, any employee at any workplace needs to have technological skills, not only developers, but also doctors, teachers, employees of government institutions, etc. Therefore, campaigns such as IT Knowledge Day are also necessary for children who want to develop in the IT sphere and for those who are interested in other areas," commented Director of the Department of Public Policy in General Education, Zhanna Sadovnikova, during the live broadcast.

The «IT Knowledge Day» ended with a round table, with the participation of progressive directors from Moscow schools and colleges, and representatives from Mail.Ru Group, Sberbank Corporate University and the Moscow Department of Education. During the debates, participants discussed whether all modern schoolchildren need programming skills, the relevance of the computer science lessons and languages curently studied in schools, and how IT companies can participate in the professional development and training of teachers and school leaders.

This is the second time that Mail.Ru Group has organized the «IT Knowledge Day». In October, 2017, IT specialists held lessons in 104 schools across 32 Russian regions and in three additional countries. Today, the campaign coverage has been expanded to 55 regions of Russia and 10 countries.