Mail.Ru Group Launches Weather Targeting

Mail.Ru Group has expanded its tools for advertisers on the myTarget advertising platform by opening access to weather-based targeting. Now ad campaigns can be customized to be shown to users at a certain time and in a certain region depending on the local weather.

Weather-based targeting can be based on several parameters: precipitation (rain/hail, snow/blizzard, cloudy, clear), wind strength (calm, light, weak, moderate, strong, storm, hurricane), temperature (from -50 to +50 degrees), pressure (from 700 to 800 mm Hg). Weather data is provided by Weather.

"The new tool lets users adjust targeting to specific business and weather conditions, as well as diversify ad content. Different audiences see ads at the time and in the region where the weather conditions correspond to the advertiser's customized parameters. For example, an ad for cold remedies can be shown when temperatures start dropping, or ads for waterproof clothing when it's raining. Plus, weather targeting can boost advertising for services such as taxis or food delivery, when people least of all want to be walking around outside," Yakov Peysahzon, myTarget Sales Director, commented.

myTarget develops new advertising technologies and improves existing tools to simplify life for advertisers and increase ad campaign effectiveness.