Group Mediator service will be completely free Group's Mediator system for attention analytics will be free of charge.

Mediator allows real-time monitoring of users' interaction with material. For example, whether they are reading carefully or quickly scrolling through. Thanks to the service, publications can measure the quality of their content, as well as the utility of the time and budget spent.

“Analysis of the quality of content and whether it's being read to the end is not too common in the Russian media market. There are just a few publications able to pay for this function. We want more resources to have access to quality editorial analytics, as it helps to produce popular content and generate more profits for media. We love media and we want to make them better, which is why we decided to make Mediator free on February 14th,” says Nadezhda Yegorova, head of the Mediator project.

All Mediator tools will become free for media, content projects, and corporate blogs starting on February 14th: monitoring, analytics, materials, authors, topics, as well as the material card and readers' demographic and geographic data. To connect to Mediator, submit a request on or send a message to indicating the website's name, address, and contact details.

Mediator will remain paid for advertising agencies and brands. Each client will be provided with a manager assigned by the service to carry out operational support.

As before, the service will determine the most read and most engaging media every quarter. Moreover, the Medium blog will continue publishing news and articles from Group service teams and media projects.