Mansur bear, raised by pilots, started to collect money in stream-mode

At any time, day or night, viewers can follow the bear living at the Oreshkovo private airfield in Kaluga region, feed him with healthy treats, and make donations via the DonationAlerts service. All funds will be spent to support this animal and to build a pool in his big open-air cage.

Three years ago, Mansur bear appeared at a Russian airfield. He was a bear cub who had lost his mother when he was found and bred by private pilots who were working on reconstructing rare IL-14 aircrafts. An unsuccessful attempt was made to send this animal to a wildlife area. After consultation with experts, the pilots decided to let the bear stay at the airfield: an animal who had already gotten used to people might not survive in the wild.

Today, Mansur lives at the Oreshkovo airfield in Kaluga region. He has his own enclosed 0.5-hectare area in the forest. A team of volunteers and pilots continually improve his living space.

Over 2.5 years, about 1,100 people and companies from all around the world have supported Mansur with donations of 2,874,000 rubles via internet-transfers and in cash. These funds are mainly spent for constructing and fitting an open-air cage, and also for bear food. The pilots report that bear-keeping expenses (when he is not sleeping) are about 30 thousand rubles per month. This amount includes salaries for the people who prepare food for Mansur.  Volunteers report on all expenses incurred at the site about the avia-bear Mansur .

Animal management requires significant funds. That's why, starting in February, the avia-bear, supported by DonationAlerts, will accept donation during streams about his life. Now, a stream in the social networks is aimed at collecting money to build a pool for Mansur. According to the project plan, pool construction will cost 800,000 rubles. Every viewer is able to support Mansur, to give him healthy delicacies, to send him a message, and to observe him in real time - what the bear is currently doing, whether he is well fed and whether his cage is comfortable enough.

"We plan to make the live stream interactive – donations will be tied to bear feeding with good and healthy food. That is, if you donate one thousand rubles, you can give Mansur tangerines, one of his favourite treats, and then watch him eat during a live stream on social networks. Also, viewers will be able to switch among ten cameras installed in the open-air cage and in the bear lair. This year, our avia-bear did not hibernate, and you have a chance to keep observing his behaviour. In previous years, via camera, we were able to watch the bear sleeping during the winter", – explained pilot Andrey Ivanov, Mansur's curator.

"Viewers can usually communicate with their favourite streamers via DonationAlerts by sending paid messages during live streams. Streamers play computer games, cook, draw, dance and travel live. There is virtually no domain where streaming is not yet used. But we decided to conduct an experiment and connect the donation process to the live broadcast of the bear's life. Mansur has a lot of followers on social networks:  VKontakte, Facebook and YouTube, and we will be able to give them a handy new tool to support their pet. You can send any amount by any suitable way - from QIWI to a bank card - and Mansur will get this money in a way most convenient for him," – said Elena Inozharskaya, DonationAlerts Marketing Director.