Mail.Ru Group Launches Recommendations on Dynamic Remarketing Based on Machine Learning Technologies

Mail.Ru Group updates the dynamic remarketing capabilities in the myTarget advertising platform. The new tool allows advertisers showing in their ads not only those products and services that users were interested in on their resources but also similar offers.

Recommendations in dynamic remarketing work on the base of machine learning technologies. The tool analyzes the products and services viewed by the user and then selects similar ones from the catalog on the advertiser's website. Suitable objects are automatically included in the results, along with those in which the customer was already interested.

The update applies to all campaigns and formats with default dynamic remarketing. Demonstration of similar products in ads gives platform customers the opportunity to expand the advertised range. In the process of algorithm training, the system will select the most relevant offers, which will help improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

Dynamic remarketing is an effective tool that allows you motivating users who are already familiar with certain products or services of a company to perform a targeted action. The new approach will help advertisers to get even better results from advertising on all Mail.Ru Group resources and in the affiliate advertising network. myTarget not only creates new advertising technologies but also develops existing tools for the convenience of advertisers and increasing the effectiveness of campaigns.