Group to Launch a New Predictive Analysis Tool on myTracker Platform

The myTracker analytical platform for mobile apps launches a new predictive analytics tool for determining predictive LTV data for app users.

A new feature allows predicting Lifetime Value (total revenue per user since application download) with up to 90% accuracy for days 30, 60, 90, and 180 after installation. myTracker is one of the first mobile app trackers that provides LTV predictions.

LTV prediction is a great tool for marketers and analysts of apps with in-app purchases. It will allow evaluating application revenue with breakdown by marketing channels and separate campaigns. Predictive models are developed based on anonymized data from thousands of applications, thus allowing making predictions from the first days of using myTracker. The more data from an application are collected, the more precise the prediction becomes because models are able to learn and adapt to the audience behavior in a particular app.

"Companies spend a lot to promote mobile apps, and often they do not know if those investments will be covered by revenue from in-app purchases. The new myTracker tool will help predict user behavior. This will allow evaluating the marketing campaign potential right after its launch and, consequently, decreasing marketing budget costs," notes Dmitriy Krutitskiy, Development Director of myTracker.