Group to launch single ID and expands its brand’s presence in its products Group will launch its single authorization system Mail ID to ensure seamless and convenient access to all of the products of its ecosystem, bringing them together. Users can register their single ID via their mobile phone or any email account. Later the company will enable the creation of Mail ID through VKontakte and Odnoklassniki social network accounts. Users who created their accounts in Group’s products can continue using those accounts.

By the end of November, Mail ID will be linked with Delivery Club and Citymobil, the Marusia voice assistant and the Vse Apteki pharmacy marketplace. Later the single ID system will allow authorization within GeekBrains, Youla, YouDrive, Boom, Worki and other projects. The company also plans to bring in third-party partners.

Furthermore, Group will expand its brand’s presence in separate products and services in line with its announced ecosystem strategy. The Group’s logo is already present on the starting screens of apps of the email service, Delivery Club, Vse Apteki, Citymobil, as well as cars linked to the Citymobil service. The company plans to expand the Group brand’s presence to all ecosystem products in the future.

The company also launched the Combo subscription package, providing unique offers and discounts from Delivery Club, Citymobil, Cloud, YouDrive, as well as partner-companies.