Nokia develops Tarantool-based automation module for its Integrated Operations Center (IOC) Group announces that Nokia has developed a Tarantool-based solution to automate IIoT innovations in Russia. The software solution enhances Nokia’s Integrated Operations Center (IOC) platform capabilities to work with Edge Cloud applications. Tarantool is an open-source solution designed by Mail.Ru Group for high-speed request processing and capable of performing millions of transactions per second on the cheapest single-core commodity server.

The solution was developed by the Nokia Innovation IoT Laboratory in Skolkovo (Moscow), which drives prototyping and piloting of IoT solutions for the Russian market.

Moderate processor and memory requirements make the solution compatible with any infrastructure, from powerful servers to devices with ARM processors. Thanks to high processing speed, the platform is suitable for designing and implementing Industry 4.0 solutions, including applications for high-speed 5G networks, where efficiency is measured by the speed of signal transmission and processing.

The project confirms Nokia's and Mail.Ru Group’s commitment to supporting Russian companies across various industries in their digital transformations. The partners are open to collaboration and joint projects with industry participants across the Russian ecosystem.

“Providing technology for digital transformation of businesses is among our priorities. The tools and solutions developed and tested in the Internet environment can deliver many benefits to traditional industries. For instance, Tarantool is used to run most of our high-load services, with the platform's microservice architecture securing real-time data integration. I am certain that combined efforts of leading players in the Internet and telecom markets, such as Nokia, will give our customers a whole new quality of service,” said Pavel Gontarev, Managing Director of Digital Technologies.

“We are pleased to work with the Group on this project to jointly address the challenges of enterprises in Russia that are on the path to digitisation. The usage of Nokia’s IOC platform and the Tarantool-based solution helps to leverage usage of IoT solutions for different Industry 4.0 scenarios. With 5G creating huge opportunities across different industries, Nokia is focused on the enterprise segment and ready to support those on the road to Industry 4.0”, Demetrio Russo, Vice-President Nokia East Europe.

About Tarantool DBMS 

Tarantool DBMS has been developed by Mail.Ru Group and used internally for almost nine years. It combines high processing speed typical of caching solutions (like Memcached or Redis) with the reliability of such industrial-level systems as Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. It is open-source software distributed under the BSD licence. Internal benchmarks run by Mail.Ru Group show that Tarantool is capable of processing one million transactions per second on the cheapest single-core commodity server. Based on Mail.Ru Group’s internal data, one server running Tarantool can substitute 30 servers running a regular DBMS. Tarantool boasts a number of successful implementations by some of the largest Russian and international companies including VimpelCom, Yota, Badoo, Avito, QIWI and Wallarm.