VK and Mail.ru Group are connecting their ecosystems with a single account

Logging into Mail.ru Group services will be possible with a single VK Connect account. It is based on VK technology but can be used without a VK account. With VK Connect, there is no need to remember dozens of passwords, managing information for various apps and websites is easier, and advanced security settings ensure user data is protected.

The single account is already available on the Marusia voice assistant and Delivery Club apps. Users can log in with just one tap by selecting VK Connect as their authentication option. This account will soon include key services from the Mail.ru Group ecosystem: Mail.ru, Citymobil, Youla and more. In the future, we plan to connect external partners to VK Connect as well.

All VK Connect account settings are available on one page, making it simple and convenient for users to do the following:

  • Add or edit personal data
    User information, such as name and city, is shared across all services. Entered once, it can then be used anywhere. For example, if a user enters their address on one app, it will be available on all connected services, including their food delivery and taxi apps.

  • Pay for goods and services
    Once linked, bank cards can be used for payment across all services. Transaction history is unified, making it simple to track expenses.

  • Manage paid subscriptions
    With Combo, VK Music and BOOM all in one place, it is easy to subscribe or see when the next payment is due.
    A Combo subscription offers users everything they need in everyday life. For example, they can get discounts on Citymobil taxis, order food from Perekrestok or Delivery Club, listen to VK Music, or watch movies on Okko or MegaFon TV.

  • Control data security and access to services
    VK Connect’s advanced security management features improve data protection for all connected services. These features include a unified session history, 2-step verification, and a reliable system for recovering access if a user loses their password or phone number.
    Additionally, users can see and manage the list of all services they are authorized in through their single account. This allows them to decide for themselves which services they want to access using VK Connect.

The VK Connect account page is already available on VK. Soon it will become available on other services that support VK Connect authentication.

Andrey Rogozov, CEO, VK:

“The first time we made it possible to use VK for logging into external websites was back in 2010. Now it is one of the main authentication methods for 35 million users on most Russian Internet resources. VK Connect takes our technology to a whole new level. We are expanding beyond the VK platform and uniting with other Mail.ru Group services to make the authentication process as convenient and secure as possible for the majority of Russian Internet users.”

VK Connect is one of the key components of VK SuperAppKit, which is a development kit that connects VK and Mail.ru Group services in a single ecosystem. In addition to VK Connect, it includes other major projects such as the VK Mini Apps development platform, Combo loyalty program, Marusia voice technologies and the VK Pay payment system.

Mail.ru Group is the largest holding in Russia by daily audience. The company owns VK and Odnoklassniki, the Mail.ru email service and internet portal, the MY.GAMES gaming brand, the Youla classified advertisements service and the Worki job search service. Mail.ru Group’s products include the Marusia voice assistant and the Kapsula smart speaker. Mail.ru Group is also a shareholder in the AliExpress Russia joint venture. Together with Sberbank, the company is developing a food and transportation joint venture comprised of Citymobil, Delivery Club, Samokat and other services.