Group invests in SkillFactory educational service Group has announced it is investing into online educational service SkillFactory. Upon completion of the deal, the company will receive a 18.31% share in the service with the option to add on more shares. SkillFactory’s founders and top management will remain the firm’s stakeholders and will continue running it.

SkillFactory will become part of Group’s educational ecosystem, joining the ranks of online colleges GeekBrains and Skillbox as well as the Algoritmika programming school for children.

SkillFactory offers a range of assets, including an online big data analysis and coding school with 35 classes and courses, the Contented design & creative school with its 9 courses, and the project teaching basics of digital professions. In total, around 75,000 people hone their skills in the three SkillFactory schools monthly.

“For every person who wants to try out a new career path, improve their skills or acquire a specific set of digital skills, we want them to be able to do it under the guidance of the best teachers. We have the Algoritmika for schoolkids, we have online colleges for hundreds of thousands of students to master new professions, from game development and programming in Go, to film direction and interior design. We are very happy to see SkillFactory and their big data specialists join our ecosystem. This is the largest service of its kind in terms of number of students, and we hope that together, we will take it further, allowing anyone willing to study to do so,” said Boris Dobrodeev, Group CEO.

Earlier this year, National University of Science and Technology MISiS, SkillFactory and Group launched the first Russian-language online Master’s program in Data Science. In May, Group also opened additional free admissions into its MADE Big Data Academy for IT specialists.

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