Group Ventures onto International In-Memory Database Market Group will allocate 300 million rubles into developing Tarantool, its own in-memory database management system (DBMS). The investment should improve Tarantool’s global competitiveness.

The funds will be used to boost Tarantool’s security and performance characteristics, as well as fortify cooperation with international partners. The team’s key goals here include improving compatibility with popular international systems, strengthening the team, and launching English-language support.

Tarantool DBMS has seen strong growth in corporate solutions. The software is already being used by high-tier systems of some of the leading companies in Russia, including X5, Avito, Wildberries, Megafon, Yota, Alfa-Bank, and Mastercard. In Russia, Tarantool is a strong competitor to some of the world’s leading platforms and databases, like Hazelcast, GridGain, Redis, Couchbase, and others. Group is now ready to explore the global corporate market, as its open-source software Tarantool has already been downloaded more than 7,000 times.

“By the end of 2020 the global DBMS market will be worth more than $70 billion,” says Pavel Gontarev, Managing Director, Digital Technologies. – The in-memory database sector is growing rapidly, and we believe expanding globally should yield promising results. In Russia, we compete against globally renowned solutions, and our clients choose Tarantool for its high performance, functionality, and scaling potential that doesn’t require significant investment in hardware.”

At the beginning of this year, Ilya Letunov, the Head of Cloud Solutions, has also become the Head of Tarantool. Group is confident that Ilya’s appointment will spell synergy and bigger opportunities for both projects. Cloud solutions are a priority in DBMS development, as according to Gartner forecasts, by 2022, 75% of all databases will be using cloud solutions or platforms as opposed to data centers.

“The Russian market accounts for around 2% of the global market. What we see is a redistribution of the market share between players in Russia as opposed to growth of the market. Group has vast experience in promoting and positioning its products internationally: 70% of our gaming revenues, for example, come from international markets. This is why we believe that making Tarantool global is the logical way to go,” said Ilya Letunov, Head of Tarantool and Cloud Solutions.

About the project

Tarantol is an open-source in-memory database management system developed in Russia. Tarantool is effective in high-traffic services, ensuring real-time access to all systems, making applications run significantly faster. Tarantool enables horizontal scaling sans significant investment in hardware. In-memory data storage provides high performance metrics for Group’s systems, enabling processing of up to 1 million queries a second per processing core.