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Mail.Ru Group’s Proprietary Search Engine Now Provides All Search Results

The search engine developed by Mail.Ru Group, one of the largest Internet companies in the fast-growing Russian-speaking markets, now handles all the queries made by Search Mail.Ru users. Search Mail.Ru has 39.5 million monthly users worldwide (comScore, May 2013).

To provide millions of users with its own quality search product Mail.Ru Group has been developing its search engine for the last few years, during which the search engine development team has expanded from 15 to 200 professionals. Over the last 6 months index volume has grown from 5 to 10 billion documents, and a few thousands of servers have been dedicated to query processing.

“It’s remarkable that there are fewer countries with their own search engines today than those with their own space program. Only five countries (the United States, Russia, Czech Republic,  China and South Korea) can boast successful search engines, while space exploration activities are regularly performed by nine countries, – states Dmitry Grishin, Co-Founder and CEO of Mail.Ru Group. – Development of a competitive search engine is an ambitious goal, but it’s essential that our own search engine enables us to be more flexible and that now we are able to provide our service with higher search quality.”

Search Mail.Ru today is the third largest search engine in the Russian-speaking Internet market: according to Liveinternet it processes 8.6% of all web search queries made in Russia. In addition to Russia Search Mail.Ru has a large presence in other CIS countries.