Mail.Ru Group launches new gaming platform for game developers from all around the world

Mail.Ru Group today launched a new platform for the publication and promotion of online games on Games@Mail.Ru, Mail.Ru’s expansive game portal. The new platform gives US and European game developers an opportunity to access the large game buying audience of– more than 14 million people per month – and to be able to launch new game titles quickly and easily.

The economic size of the Russian gaming market reached 1.3 billion USD in 2012. MMO games titles are still the most popular and accounted for 30% of the market. The new Mail.Ru Group gaming platform is designed primarily to help developers of this genre reach this audience.

Developers participating in the Games@Mail.Ru platform receive many benefits as part of the program. In addition to access to audience of Games@Mail.Ru via the API, the program includes convenient tools for administration, unified authorization, full access to performance statistics, free tools and marketing promotion, and equal promotional opportunities in the general online catalog. Additional opportunities are available for promotion of games on third-party sites.

Currently the API supports browser and client games with easy upload of the game to the game portal.

“Our gaming platform opens a unique opportunity for independent developers looking to expand their market reach to a large, active audience; as many as 90% of our game portal visitors download a game title every day. The platform program also benefits our game portal customers bringing them new, exciting games,” said Vladimir Nikolsky, vice president of Mail.Ru Group

“Our company was one of the first who used Mail.Ru Group game platform. Our games like Pirates: Tides of Fortune and Stormfall: Age of War received a really warm welcome from the audience of Games@Mail.Ru and were rated among the most popular strategies of the catalogue. We are already planning to launch more games on this platform. I hope these will get the same reception,” says Konstantin Nikolayev, head of Plarium browser game division.

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