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Russian AI Cup 2016 Participants to Code Ingame-Strategies for MOBA Games

This year the cup will be held in Russian and English to be more inclusive to AI programmers from all over the world, and to give them the same chance to battle it out for first prize.

Over the years more than 8 thousand people have tried their hand in the AI Cup, creating a combined 250 thousand strategies. This year, participants are asked to create and code an efficient strategy for an MOBA game, which they then use to battle against one another in a fantasy world, with their characters using magic to defeat their enemies. The character AI can be programmed in any of the following languages: C++, Java, Python, Ruby or Pascal.

This time around the competitors are supposed to integrate teamwork into their strategies, meaning the characters are capable of fighting together as allies on the battlefield.

The competition will start in “Sandbox” mode, and participants will gain points for every battle they win against other players. The best strategies from the Sandbox will then proceed to the next round and take part in a series of battles over the span of one day. Afterwards, the competitors will have two weeks to improve their solutions. Only the best strategies will make it to the final round. All these stages of the competition will be held entirely online.

This year the cup lasts until December 25. The winner of the Russian AI Cup 2016 receives the grand prize of a MacBook Pro. The silver medalist receives a MacBook Air, and an Apple iPad goes to the bronze.