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Mail.Ru Group, IBS and Mellanox Announce Private Cloud Solution Based on Tarantool DBMS

Mail.Ru Group, IBS and Mellanox have announced the creation of an integrated solution for the Tarantool DBMS, powered by the SCALA technologies developed by IBS InterLab and Mellanox’s own network technologies. This versatile solution will allow companies and organizations to build flexible, independent data-centric architectures, including data virtualization platforms and high-performance hubs for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

IBS, Mail.Ru Group and Mellanox’s joint development will enable Russian customers to create data virtualization platforms and centralized high-speed data grids that accumulate information from various databases controlled by different DBMSs in one place managed by a single horizontally scalable, super responsive and autonomous system. The solution will be of interest to both large enterprises and organizations in the public administration domain that strive to consolidate information on customers, products, services, materials and supplies, with the possibility to algorithmically access the whole data in real time and quickly deploy new algorithms as needed. Since this solution is based on Tarantool, which is an in-memory DBMS, customers will no longer need to adapt to various dialects and fine-tune the performance when using different DBMSs. Apart from operational benefits, it also reduces time to market for new products and services based on algorithmic data processing.

Another promising application for this solution might be an IIoT hub, especially when combined with field-installed devices running the Tarantool DBMS. SCADA and automatic process control systems, building management systems, smart power networks - they all may well take advantage of a high-performance hub with a built-in Tarantool application server working as close to data as possible.

The solution is preconfigured to have the highest physically allowed performance, ensures automatic scaling and comes with an integrated monitoring system.

“Mail.Ru Group has been using Tarantool in its multiple high-load services for almost a decade. Now that it has been recognized by the open-source community, our primary goal is to bring Tarantool to enterprises as well. With this high-performance preconfigured solution on the market, the product will likely become closer to large customers from the corporate and public administration domains,” commented Dennis Anikin, Engineering Director of Email & Cloud Services at Mail.Ru Group.

“The fact that this solution is based on the Tarantool DBMS is due to the demand that exists on the Russian market: companies need sanction-free products to carry out high-performance processing of massive data, create centralized data management platforms, integrate data virtualization technologies. IBS, Mail.Ru Group and Mellanox’s joint development will allow Russian companies and organizations to build technologically independent data-centric architectures with predictable outcomes as quickly as possible,” said Andrey Sungurov, Head of IBS InterLab.

“Nowadays, there are few high-performance DBMS solutions out there. We are happy to see Russian products among those and to use them to jointly build scalable and high-performance solutions. The solution based on the Tarantool DBMS has several unique features to offer those companies that prioritize short time to market, and we are sure that this solution will soon gain traction among them,” commented Pavel Antonov, Regional Manager at Mellanox Technologies.

Tarantool DBMS is developed by Mail.Ru Group and has been used in-house for almost nine years. It combines high processing speed typical of caching solutions (like Memcached or Redis) with the reliability of such industrial-level systems as Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. It is open-source software distributed under the BSD license. Internal benchmarks run by Mail.Ru Group show that Tarantool is capable of processing one million transactions per second on the cheapest single-core commodity server. According to Mail.Ru Group’s internal report, one server running Tarantool can substitute 30 servers running a regular DBMS. Tarantool boasts a number of successful implementations by some of the largest Russian and international companies including VimpelCom, Yota, Badoo, Avito, QIWI and Wallarm.

IBS InterLab is an IBS division that specializes in developing high-availability solutions for IT infrastructure. Two years ago, IBS InterLab announced a hyperconvergent platform called SCALA-R, to be followed a year later by a series of specialized software and hardware suites: SCALA-SR / Postgres Pro and SCALA-SR / Oracle DB (database engines created for high-load DBMSs) as well as SCALA / Analytics (software and hardware suite for an analytics system called Polymatica that processes massive data in RAM by using GPU accelerators). In building these solutions, IBS has taken advantage of possibilities provided by a high-speed interconnect system created by an Israel-based company called Mellanox. In particular, the remote direct memory access (RDMA) technology, which is supported in Mellanox’s solutions, ensures data exchange between solution components at the highest speed possible - CPUs are therefore rid of network tasks, which allows to unleash the full performance potential of an application and tap into exascale computing.