Tarantool Expands Operations to Silicon Valley

Tarantool announced today the opening of a new Mountain View, California headquarters for their database management system (DBMS).

"We are demonstrating our commitment to the U.S. and Canadian market by investing in staff and resources. Now businesses here can utilize solutions that are deployed at scale in Asia and Europe. Fueling this rapid growth is the fact that clients are seeing significant cost savings and performance gains. For example, one Tarantool server can replace 30 servers running a regular DBMS. Our goal is to make it a straightforward experience to get started,” stated Dennis Anikin, General Manager of Tarantool.

The launch coincides with the general release of two products:

- Tarantool Unwired IIoT connects sensors, PLCs, and existing databases to gain intelligence and simplify management of IIoT. Applications include transportation, telecom, agricultural, energy, manufacturing, retailers, and industrial sites.

- Tarantool Enterprise is deployed by companies to rapidly modernize legacy applications and build high-performance new applications. It harmonizes existing data sources including Oracle, Postgres, SAP, MySQL, and DB2. Benefits include consistency, savings on integration and maintenance costs, and simplified development.

"Businesses today are struggling to integrate their data sources and schemas, modernize applications, and power BI programs. We are here to solve these problems in their data center or cloud, and offer the option to connect sensors in the field or industrial site. Our current and future growth is focused on a singular mission- delivering superior service and support from the free trial process to customer success," said Tyler Norkus, Director of Sales and Marketing.

About Tarantool

Tarantool is fast NoSQL database, cache, and an application server all in one. It is offered in two solutions: Unwired IIoT and the Enterprise Solution. Tarantool is owned by My.com and Mail.ru Group, publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange (MAIL:LSE), and the 5th largest internet company in the world with over 2,000 engineers in 10 global locations. The technology is continuously developed in partnership with businesses and the open source community.

Please direct press inquiries to press@tarantool.io. For more information, please visit www.tarantool.io.