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Tarantool Unveils Replication from Oracle

Tarantool developers have implemented support for asynchronous replication from Oracle. With this mechanism in place, it is now possible to reduce the workload on the popular DBMS and consequently accelerate digitalization of such businesses as banks, insurance companies, mobile operators, and retailers.

Asynchronous replication allows automatically synchronizing data. An Oracle administrator can set up the system in such a way that all the changes to the Oracle DBMS are automatically and asynchronously replicated in Tarantool with a delay of several milliseconds to several seconds (which depends on the network capacity and many other factors). The system allows specifying what data to replicate.

“As businesses become more digitalized, increasingly more customers turn to self-service via web and mobile interfaces. This generates a massive workload on Oracle databases for which they were not designed. Tarantool, on the other hand, being a fast and lightweight in-memory DBMS, can handle such tasks, which is attested by Mail.Ru Group, with its multimillion audience, and other large companies that have adopted this DBMS, such as Avito or Badoo. By trusting Tarantool with its digital segment, a business can decrease the workload on Oracle and speed up its services,” said Dennis Anikin, General Manager of Tarantool.

Earlier this year Tarantool developers introduced a Tarantool-to-MySQL replication system. Thus, Tarantool currently supports replication from the world’s two most popular DBMSs.