Mail.Ru Group’s Statement about Blocking VK, OK and Mail.Ru in Ukraine

We see dramatic increase in usage on Ukraine’s most popular social networks and email service that are parts of Mail.Ru Group: VK, OK and Mail.Ru.

We were disappointed by today’s news of clearly politically driven decision of Ukraine’s authorities to block VK, OK and Mail.Ru in Ukraine. This decision will, in the first place, damage the users – citizens of Ukraine. 25 million Ukrainians use these platforms to reach their friends and families in Ukraine and worldwide, now they will not be able to do that.

We believe that internet has no borders. We have never participated in politics. We comply with Ukrainian laws. All we do and will continue to do going forward is provide useful services for our users.

We will continue to provide our services to all users, including our multi-million Ukrainian audience, and there are tools that will allow to use them.

Our employees, partners and clients in Ukraine can also be sure that we will duly follow our commitments.

As the share of Ukrainian revenue is immaterial, we do not plan to review revenue guidance.